Packing for your trip

Packing suggestion - Although it will vary according to the trip style you have chosen and when you are traveling, you should pack as lightly as possible. Baggage should be of the round squashy type rather than hard expensive suitcases that are difficult to fit into jeeps and on the backs of camels or horses. Try to use something that is both lockable and water proof. Most travelers carry their luggage in a backpack and bags/suitcases with wheels. You will also need a day pack/bag to carry water and a camera etc for day walks. It is a good idea to bring another smaller bag so that unwanted clothes can be kept in it at the hotel or camp when you go on trek. This also helps to keep city clothes clean and free from dust.

Travel documents: passport, visa, travel insurance, air tickets
Health requirements arranged
Money: cash/credit card
Money pouch
Personal medicine if you have any
Day pack to carry your personal needs during the day
Alarm clock and torch /flashlight
Mosquito repellent
Hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, moisturizer, lip blam
Refillable water bottle, pocket knife
Warm clothes in the winter months (Oct to April) and for summer nights. It is recommended to bring thermal underwear,

a fleece jacket, hat/ headscarf, raincoat
Walking shoes with a good grip
Suitable footwear for horse riding
Non-polluting/biodegradable soap
Sarong or light weight towel (Not only useful for drying oneself, but also good for avoid indecent exposure when going to toilet in open fields. Note that for this reason long skirts can at times be more practical for females)
Wet wipes or hand sanitizing lotion
Presents from home : children books and note books, pencils, stickers, matches, sweets, hair ribbons, tobacco, small bottles of perfume etc to give to nomadic families in exchange for their hospitality.

Limits of packing - Generally, we recommend keeping the weight under 15 kg as the domestic air carriers have baggage allowance of 10 kg maximum and + 5kg cabin baggage (totally 15 kg). Excess luggage charge is 1.5 - 2 $ per every 1 kg. Before leaving for a country trip, you can leave extra weight luggage at your hotel in Ulaanbaatar. Some hotels charge 3-5 USD per person, some hotels don't.

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